Publication fee

Institutional payment is available via invoice or collaboration agreement. 

The publication fee is 15 EUR per 1500 characters. Graphics and tables are subject to an additional fee of 2 EUR per unit.

We can also issue a certificate of the acceptance of material for publication which will be delivered with the serial. The certificate fee is 3 EUR.

The urgency of the publication is subject to 15% additional cost. Urgency is the author’s prerogative, it implies that the publication will be submitted in priority order and will be available on the website on the day of payment. This allows report the availability of the publication before the release of a paper version of the serial.

The authors with the doctoral degree (PhD, MD etc) who have more than 1000 citations (but the part of self-citations should be less than 30%) according to Scopus or Russian Scientific Citation Index are published free of charge. If You qualify for publication free of charge, please provide the link to your profile on Scopus or Russian Scientific Citation Index when submitting the paper.