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Methodological Grounds for the Manifestation of Personal Authenticity in the System of Foreign Language Education (philosophical, psychological and pedagogical aspects)

Table 1 - Pedagogical implementation of authors approaches

Аuthors approaches

pedagogical implementation (objective)



bringing up a constructive personality with developed constructive thinking and formed constructive skills through a particular subject;

contributing to formation of a personality, open to ideas, feelings and deeds of learners


fixing on a leaner as a unique subject of studying;

forming behavior fundamentals of a personalized, individual and unique attitude to a particular learner


organizing a living space providing preservation, support and development of personality authenticity of a learner in educational process


considering a man in the context of his internal world in terms of subject activity; substantiating and determining possibilities and conditions of authenticity development as a resource of productive living of a man in particular socio-cultural conditions


having an idea of development of human authenticity as a nonlinear process helping reconsider approaches to personality self-organization in the process of studying


looking forward to bringing out genuine authentic origin of a learner’s personality allowing  genuine and honest behavior in the process of studying and upbringing to manifest