Assigning DOIs

DOI Russian Linguistic BulletinDOI (Digital Object Identifier) — is an international standard for digital inforomation in the Internet.

Russian Linguistic Bulletin assigns every published article with a DOI. DOIs are assigned through RADS

Why DOI is so important and how it influences the quality of scholarly publications:

  • DOI facilitates citation, search and localization of a scientific publication
  • DOI increases the quality of scholarly journals and indicates the technological advances of a publisher.
  • DOI is an integral part of scientific communication because of its purpose of easier exchange of scientific information.
  • All the journals included into Scopus, Web of Science and Springer necessarily assign DOIs to their articles.

How to cite an article with DOI:

DOI: 10.18454/RULB003 of this article

Rozina G. INDIRECT COMMUNICATION AND FACE-SAVING FACTOR: FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE / G. Rozina // Russian Linguistic Bulletin, 2015. — № 1 (1). — с. 29—35. doi: 10.18454/RULB003

How to check a DOI?

Andy DOI could be checked on IDF DOI website:

How to check DOI